Explore These 3 Ultra-Luxury Modern Colorado Homes

Let’s Explore What Modern Colorado Luxury Really Means With These Opulent Homes

Every location has its own unique style and expression. Shaped by a blend of natural surroundings, common lifestyle, and current trends, you’ll always notice a distinctive feeling categorizing an area. 

Colorado is no exception, providing its own definition of what it means to be luxurious. The essence of modern Colorado luxury is a highly sought-after objective for many who want to escape into nature while residing within the latest fashion movements. Let’s explore what distinguishes this immensely desired atmosphere by analyzing some of our best properties.

1. McSkimming Road Residence

The McSkimming Road Residence is nothing short of a work of art. Surrounded by trees, this home exemplifies all principles of modernism. Harboring no excess, the minimal details are all incredibly purposeful. This high-impact property is characterized by vertical slopes and a paneled facade made of concrete and wood.

The spacious interior is primarily open and clad with enormous windows that allow natural light to pour in. Hidden lights illuminate prime details of the home and highlight dramatic angles. 

The union between the interior and surrounding nature is done impeccably, using glass to establish a very thin border. Further melting away the separation is the large outdoor seating area, encouraging residents to spend plenty of time in nature. 

Additional highlights of this home are the sunken entertainment area and ultra-modern appliance features. The McSkimming Road Residence allows you to experience the true essence of Colorado within pure splendor. 

2. 34 Placer

The residency at 34 Placer Lane in Aspen is a modernist statement nestled into the Red Mountain. Become one with your surroundings in this unique design. 

Even the shape of the home is creatively executed. The floorplan mimics the Colorado mountains and valleys, using artistic geometry to enact this vision. A few simple materials purposefully arranged creates a strong design scheme. 

Windows and open space pull nature into the home. The living room peers over at a mountain range with tall ceilings to express the vastness. The dining room and patio area also use a similar technique to highlight the picturesque nature. 

The most breathtaking aspect of this home is how it pays tribute to its location. You are truly living amongst the mountain ranges, green expanses, and sprawling blue skies.

3. Modern Castlecreek Residence

The Castlecreek Residence Property mimics the surrounding valleys with its groundbreaking shape.

The floor plan creates its own world of stark fluidity. Curves, lines, diagonals, and angles break apart the geometries and create dramatic space separations. The use of wood panels and various stone inlays hone in on the location’s highlighted features. 

The wine holder is worthy of an avid collector, and built-in storage shelves are included in the design to showcase any sort of treasure. Endless amenities await in this one-of-a-kind residence.

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