6 Luxury Upgrades Today's Aspen Renters are Looking For

These home improvement ideas will completely revamp your rental units

Are you considering upgrading your rental property in Aspen? We’ve looked at all the hottest trends, compiling the best improvement projects to satisfy your renters. Let’s delve into what today’s most desired amenities are and how you can apply them to your property to substantially increase your rental income.

1. Restyle Fixtures

Detail work can be a make-it-or-break-it aspect for renters. Older and unattended fixtures can make a nice house seem dingy, while simple tweaks can bring out the best of any home. Consider swapping out drab cabinet knobs, installing a new showerhead and faucets, and replacing electrical switch plates. You’ll want to move from away from the plain look and create a lavish sense of artistry.  

2. Bring in Color

It’s typical for most landlords to have properties where all the walls are painted a very basic white. When renters are shopping around, a house that varies slightly from this status quo can make a deep impression. It’s better to paint the walls a more deliberate hue. A variation of white, for example, can really amplify the space.

3. Make a Better First Impression with Landscaping

You don’t need to go overboard with expensive landscape projects in order to spruce up your rental. Simply cleaning up by pruning the surrounding shrubs and trees can make a huge difference. When showing the property, welcome your potential renters with decorative touches. Hanging baskets and potted plants near the entrance can make it feel more like home.

4. Focus on the Front Door

The first thing that renters interact with when they are going to view a potential home is the front door. You can say a lot by accentuating this key point. Doors with difficult knobs or a worn-out appearance will give off the impression that the property is not fully tended to. Go for a sleek look by replacing an old door or giving it a fresh coat of paint to cover up any imperfections.

5. Floors Say It All

Restoring the floors of a rental can be pricey, but the payback is definitely worth it. Old carpets or low-quality flooring materials can really lower the value of a home and make the property unattractive to buyers. Consider switching to a shiny hardwood with beautiful grain and using stone or marble tiles to accent the kitchens and bathrooms. 

If you’re not interested in completely redoing the floors, you can polish wood floors for a shiny new finish. If you want to work little by little, central points like kitchens and bathrooms are high-impact places to begin. 

6. Explore New Appliances

Appliances are key features that renters will look at when viewing a house. Being able to advertise new appliances as a feature of the home can boost your appeal and increase the property value. Ovens, dishwashers, fridges, stoves, washing machines, and dryers that could use an update should be attended to, as these are intimate objects in the house.

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